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Providing Victoria a long-term plan for the removal of asbestos from government-owned buildings

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Our purpose

The Victorian Asbestos Eradication Agency (VAEA) was established by an Order in Council in 2016.

Our role is to advise the Victorian government on:


scheduling the removal of asbestos from government-owned buildings that prioritises asbestos removal according to its risk


developing a consistent approach across government to assessing the risk of asbestos, its removal and management until it is scheduled for removal


enabling a safe, systematic, long term program of asbestos removal


reporting on the ongoing progress of asbestos removal from government-owned buildings.

Our work will provide the government with a long-term action plan that can be used to inform wider strategic efforts aimed at eradicating the risk of asbestos exposure.

By working toward the eradication of asbestos from Victorian government buildings, we will help prevent asbestos exposure, reduce the risk of asbestos related diseases and make Victorian workplaces and communities safer.

Collectively, this demonstrates Victoria’s ongoing commitment to the strategic goals outlined in the Australian government’s National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Management and Awareness 2014-18 which ultimately aspires to end asbestos-related disease in Australia.

Our Structure

We are an independent state body reporting to the Minister for Finance. We are also a subsidiary of WorkSafe Victoria the state workplace health and safety regulator.

We have three board members appointed by the Governor in Council:

Photo of Diane Foggo

Dianne Foggo AM,
Independent Chair

Photo of Ross McCann

Ross McCann AM,
Non-executive WorkSafe Director

Photo of Simone Stevenson

Simone Stevenson,
Executive Director

Our team works collaboratively with Victorian government departments, agencies and public sector bodies to develop a best-practice plan for the risk-based removal of asbestos.

For more information about asbestos and asbestos regulation in Victoria visit Asbestos Victoria