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Is my workplace included in the scope of VAEA’s work?

Our work is focussed on Victorian Government-owned Buildings, with government acting as an exemplar towards eradicating asbestos from the built environment.

This definition means the building must be owned by the Victorian government (at any time from 31 December 2016 onwards) rather than leased from a private company.

As set out in the graphic below, the scope of our work includes a wide range of government building types including offices, community centres, prisons and TAFEs. Other specific structures, such as bridges and carparks, are not included regardless of ownership.

Our establishing scope does not include premises leased or sub-leased to tenants by the Director of Housing.


Not Included

To support our collection of data, our team is in direct contact with all relevant Victorian public sector bodies and providing consistent and accurate advice on the information we are collecting.

Other large-scale asbestos removal projects

The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) is implementing the Victorian School Asbestos Removal Program, which has already conducted a statewide audit of 1,712 government school sites. The VSBA found high risk asbestos at 497 schools and by March 2016 had removed it all. The Government has announced the next 119 schools to undergo the removal of asbestos that may pose a risk in the future. A list of schools that will have asbestos removed by 30 June 2018 is available on the VSBA website.

Other workplaces

The scope of our work is limited to public sector, government-owned buildings but all workplaces in Victoria are subject to laws and regulations intended to protect workers from the health risks posed by asbestos.

Under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (and 2007) a person who manages or controls a workplace has a duty, as far as is reasonably practicable, to identify all asbestos present that is under their management or control. This duty is not based on building age or building construction date.

If any part of your work is in an area which has asbestos that could be disturbed, your employer should conduct risk assessments and implement controls to manage the risk of exposure, so far as is reasonably practicable. An employer must make a workplace asbestos register readily accessible to employees and is required to advise them of any proposed asbestos removal work.

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